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How Office Furniture defines your Organizational Culture!

When we think about organizational culture – we think of values, beliefs, management-employee relationships and a few other characteristics – but we usually don’t think of office furniture. However, office furniture plays a very significant role in defining your organizational culture. Let us tell you how:

  • Your office furniture gives your clients/visitors/prospective employees a very telling first impression about your company. Whether you choose a contemporary look, a minimalistic look, a vintage look – whether you choose color or go for a beiger palate – your office furniture defines you.
  • It portrays your company’s positioning and it tells people what industry you operate in. The office furniture in a tech forward startup will be quite different compared to a mutual funds company. Perhaps the former will be more colorful and modern with an open layout and the later will more vintage with closed doors. 
  • In colorful sofas and bright colored partitions, we assume a younger workforce who is encouraged to be creative whereas in dark wood desks we assume a company that has been around for a long time and has a more traditional way of doing things.
  • In a company that promotes health and wellbeing amongst its employees –  you are likely to see standing desks and ergonomic chairs.
  • Office furniture also greatly effects productivity. When employees are comfortable – they are more likely to be productive. Nobody can perform their best work on an uncomfortable desk and chair.
  • Have you ever visited an office that has old, worn out, torn furniture? It clearly gives a negative impression about the efficiency in that office and one wonders whether trusting them would be worth it.
  • Also, if the office furniture looks uncomfortable and worn out – it gives an impression to the outsider that the company does not care about its employees.
  • Research has shown that bright colored furniture and open collaborative spaces encourage employees to be more creative therefore an office with such an aesthetic shows that employees are meant to take inspiration from their environment. This shows a creative positive work culture.
  • Office furniture also plays a role in making employees feel good about their jobs. It increases the morale of the workforce and promotes positive productivity.

Therefore – office furniture seems to quite a significant step in setting up your workspace as it not only gives out a first impression of your company but also helps in attracting the right employees and the right clientele.

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